[Marxism] Argentine recovery defies neoliberal convention

Walter Lippmann walterlx at earthlink.net
Sun Dec 26 20:00:15 MST 2004

Our friend Nestor will surely have a more informed and
more nuanced viewpoint than I will, but both this and
the NY Times article, despite its whiney tone, tells 
us that progress is being made under Nestor Kirchner's
presidency. It seems his reluctance to kowtow before
the almighty dollar, his refusal to oppose the Cuban
Revolution, his support for expanded Latin American
integration, and so on are surprisingly resulting in
a certain level of social and economic stability, not
quite what Washington's pundits would expect. And as
in Venezuela, some business people are seeing that 
Argentina today is stable enough to be a place where
private investment may prove useful. It's a shame that
US foreign policy on Cuba remains tied to the interests
of that tiny minority of ultra-rightist exile militants
in Miami and their friends in the Bush administration.


IBM Argentina To Invest $25M To Expand Technology Center

December 23, 2004 9:19 a.m.

BUENOS AIRES -- IBM Argentina (IBM) will invest $25 million
to expand its Technology Campus in a northern suburb of the
capital city, the company said Thursday in a press

IBM Argentina opened its technology complex in December
2001 and has developed data centers, a software factory and
a call center, among other facilities. The latest
investment will go toward constructing a new building and
renting another one. The technology campus is the most
modern one IBM has in Latin America, according to the
company. IBM Argentina also said the new projects will
generate 500 jobs, adding to the 487 positions created
during 2004.

"The majority of the new jobs will be dedicated to service
and consulting areas for local projects and others ... for
the Spanish-speaking South American region," the statement

The Argentine government has rolled out a number of
measures over the last year to groom the nascent software
sector into an industry, modeling its efforts on Ireland
and India's success in doing so. Earlier this year,
lawmakers passed a law allowing tax relief for investments
in software, and the Economy Ministry followed in August
with a series of measures such as refunds in value-added
taxes and accelerated amortization for companies that
invest in capital goods.

Government officials say Argentina has a number of
competitive advantages, including a highly educated labor
force, well-developed information infrastructure and a low
cost base, due to the peso's 2002 devaluation.

-By Wailin Wong, Dow Jones Newswires; 5411-4311-3125;
wailin.wong at dowjones.com

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