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DG>         In the later 1990s, a couple years after Curtis finished
DG> spending eight years in prison, he was a member of the Chicago SWP
DG> branch.

DG>           Here's what my friend told me several months
DG> after it all happened:

   This is the only report I have had, and I had referred to this  
story from memory in my previous remark. So before I could form a firm  
opinion about the whole affair, I would have to consult the comrades  
in the Chicago SWP branch which I still do know.

DG> [Curtis] had been arrested for soliciting a prostitute.

   I think nobody should be arrested for soliciting a prostitute, and  
no prostitute should be arrested for offering her services; on the  
contrary, sufficient healthcare and regular medical checks should be  
offered without obstacles.

   It is a shame that the human body and the bodily pleasures are  
turned into a commodity by this society based on commodity production,  
and this is even more true for the most intimate relationship people  
can have, than in other areas, like in sport.

   One can expect that with the withering away of the commodity  
exchange and production, making love for money will disappear, too,  
but will promiscuity disappear? I don't think so.

   A song of Georges Brassens comes to my mind, this famous French  
singer and chansonnier, which gives voice to complains about the  
"illoyal competition" by those who do it just for fun, from those who  
do it for a living....

DG> Barnes also indicated that money raised by the Political Rights
DG> Defense Fund would be used to get an attorney and provide legal
DG> assistance for Curtis.

DG>         My friend was very troubled by all this.  She didn't think
DG> that the SWP should defend Curtis, she especially objected to using
DG> funds publicly collected to defend political rights to secretly
DG> defend an SWP member busted for soliticing a prostitute.

   I think the party would be right to help their members against  
government prosecution, in whatever case, and in this particular case,  
too; some of my reasons are explained above. And especially in this  
case, since the party had waged a long, intensive and extensive  
campaign to defend this comrade against the accusation a decade  
earlier (by the way, the pamphlet is still available, see

   I cannot say much about this supposedly secret defense, but would  
think that this is a tactical decision, especially given the fact that  
this case might be used to question the original defense campaign; one  
could also speculate that the party leadership wanted first think out  
a defense strategy before deciding if they should go public or not.  
But since the information about this is not sufficient for me, I don't  
dare to draw any conclusions.

   In conclusion though of this my contribution, I would like to state  
that in defense work, the SWP has had over all the decades of her  
existence, been a shining example with a long tradition going back to  
the work of the founders of the movement, Jim Cannon, Rose Karsner,  
Max Shachtman and Abern, in the national headquarters of the ILD  
(International Labor Defense), which among others defended Sacco and  
Vanzetti. And I hope this tradition doesn't get lost.

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