[Marxism] On the Tsunami

Carlos A. Rivera cerejota at optonline.net
Mon Dec 27 07:15:28 MST 2004

There has been some mention on this list regarding the death toll in the 
Tsunami as being related to under development.

This has indeed been the case with typhoons and monsoon rains in this 
region. But this Tsunami was a monster.

If this Tsunami had hit the USA or Europe or Japan, the death toll would 
have been comparable. Under development has nothing to do with it. 
Underdevelopment will indeed be a factor in the next few weeks, as cholera 
and other opportunistic diseases spread, and as limited health and food 
resources get stretched out.

But the initial deathtoll, that is just the result of a phenomena the likes 
we haven't seen in many decades. I doubt that even with a state of the art 
Tsunami early warning system much could have done, as most of the death toll 
is concentrated in areas less than one hour away from the epicenter, and the 
rest just a few hours.

You cannot evacuate effectively in under a few hours, period. Not possible 
at all.


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