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mds zenporcupinegrind at breathe.com
Mon Dec 27 08:03:53 MST 2004


Didn't mean to deny that 'we are apes'; apologies for my shorthand. All 
I was trying to convey is that biological models are sometimes taken to 
their own ueber-genetic extreme, questioning the rationality of a human 
being by positing his genetic relationship with a banana as evidence.

I'm no natural or anthropological scientist, as I think I made quite 
clear; all I'm questioning is the ideological attachments that are 
often found with regards to the latest findings in the field of 
genetics &c.

Hope that clears my post up a bit,

On 27 Dec 2004, at 09:36, Carlos A. Rivera wrote:

> ----- Original Message ----- From: "mds" 
> <zenporcupinegrind at breathe.com>
>> or the pervasive humans-as-ape implications of cruder readings of 
>> Darwin.
> Excuse me? We ARE apes. This is not a crude reading of Darwin, but 
> Anthropology101 and Biology 102. Jeez!
> To deny we are apes, and to deny that other apes are our close kind, 
> is to deny materialist science and its dialectic.
> sks, an ape of an icy god... 

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