[Marxism] On the Tsunami

Carlos A. Rivera cerejota at optonline.net
Mon Dec 27 09:00:34 MST 2004

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From: "Les Schaffer" <schaffer at optonline.net>

> it's been said that many would have been saved if they could have moved 
> inland
> a couple hundred yards.

Even so, how many would have survived in those areas where this was 

The reason I ask is because the areas that were hours away (India etc) have 
coaslines that are at sea level in the most part for miles and miles on end. 
I am actually suprised, considering the density of the population and the 
hugeness of the event there are so little dead.

Lets say, for arguements sake, that this was New Orleans we were talking 
about, and that you 2 hours to evacuate. 20,000 dead would be the minimum in 
that situation, and we are talking a major port of an imperialist country! 
It took two full days to evacuate in the last hurricane season!

Again, there is no doubt that underdevelopment will cause undue suffering 
and death in the next few weeks, but this belittles the significance of the 
geological event, it was a huge once-in-a-lifetime event that even 
imperialist countries would be hard pressed to face un-scratched.


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