[Marxism] Re: Mark Curtis: Truth or Fiction

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Mon Dec 27 09:11:21 MST 2004

 Fred's replies here about Mark Curtis are not that satisfactory. First, the only woman who participated in this discussion, though indirectly, was from Chicago SWP and she had very serious doubts about Mark Curtis' innocence. We can't just ignore that. Second, Mark Curtis was imprisoned for rape, and then is let out on probation for some time, what 5 years? Then he gets arrested for soliciting a prostitute. And then he lied up and down to the SWP, the party that defended him so well, about what happened. How does all that fit in with his "unstained" record that Fred refers to? Third, what kind of political judgment does someone have who was the central figure in a rape defense campaign, who goes out and solicits prostitutes? Fourth, I live in Chicago, and I remember when I heard Mark Curtis came here, I expected to see him at political events, to see him involved in anti-police brutality or prisoner rights work, or Cuba solidarity work. But I never saw him, not once.  He just disappeared. Why? And fifth, if the SWP told members in Chicago to shut up about Mark Curtis, then what do they hide from us about him and his case?

    This is not a burning issue that we need to agree on, as I assume Mark Curtis is not politically active anymore. And second, even if he were guilty or partly guilty, there would be an obligation to defend him. We all know an political activist is going to get a much more severe sentence than other people for a given crime, and on the basis of equal justice for all, we should defend them.
Stan Smith


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