[Marxism] Re: Asia earthquake deaths preventable

Reihana Mohideen reihana_m at yahoo.com.au
Mon Dec 27 18:50:43 MST 2004

See the telling newspaper report in Australian Herald Sun about the earthquake that hit Tasmainia/Australia a few days ago. What a contrast between Australia and Sri Lanka! Tasmania is a "bite size" little island off the Australian mainland. The earthquake measuring 8.1 was 800km from Tasi, while Sri Lanka was 1000 miles away from the epicentre of the earthquake (near Sumatra). In Tasmania no one is even injured and in Sri Lanka and Indonesia/Aceh, the death tolls are 3000 to 4000 and growing.
Under capitalism life in our countries is certainly very cheap.
Huge earthquake rattles Tasmania
Danny Buttler

TASMANIA felt the power of the world's biggest earthquake in four years yesterday, but escaped damage.

Measuring 8.1 on the Richter scale, it would have flattened a major city -- possibly Hobart, if it had been closer to land. 

The quake's epicentre was 800km south of the island state in the Southern Ocean, just 400km north of Macquarie Island. 
Buildings across Tasmania shook for up to 15 seconds when the quake struck just before 2am. 
No one was injured and no buildings were damaged. 


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