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>See attached statement by Sonny Melencio on the Ang Bayan article.
>Joma Sison has now backtracked and called the comrades named 
>"pseudo-revolutionaries" and not "counter-revolutionaries". In the bizzare 
>world of the Maoist CPP the implications of the characterisations are 
>different. "Counter-revolutionaries" implies that the comrades are 
>"enemies of the people" and can be tried and condemned to death in a 
>"peoples court".

On the CPP's Attack Against So-Called Counter-Revolutionary Trotskyists
and Social Democrats

On page 11 of the attached December 7, 2004 copy of Ang Bayan, the mass 
newspaper of the Communist Party of the Philippines (published by its 
Central Committee), there is a diagram of so-called 'counter-revolutionary 
groups' and their links with 'Trotskyists' and Social Democrats.

The diagram, prepared by the Department of International Work of the CPP, 
reeks of the old sectarian shenanigans perpetrated even today by the 
thoroughly sectarian and Maoist CPP.  The 'counter-revolutionary' tags 
given to other groups restores the Stalinist hysteria of the old 
period.  It's surprising this is still happening at this time and age!  (Of 
course when they attack Trotsky, they defend Stalinism.)

Look at how they defined the 'Trotskyists': "known saboteurs of the mass 
movement for raising slogans that go beyond the actual level of mass 
consciousness and that are not  fitted to the existing social system." 
Maybe they're referring to slogans of socialism because in their own 
thinking, national democracy should be the sole slogan of the day.

Then their characterization of the 'Trotskyists': "they are known to 
suddenly shifting to the Right when mass political actions are on the 
ebb."  Have they heard of their own experience (of supporting GMA during 
the Edsa 2 uprising) and the Stalinist historical shifts to the Right and 
to the Left during crucial moments of the revolutionary movement in the 
late 1920s up until the entire Stalinist period (the 1920s brought about 
the rout of the Chinese Communist Party when Stalin insisted on the classic 
'bloc of four classes' formula, which the Philippines CPP still holds sacred).

I myself have been critical of some major tenets of Trotsky's ideas (such 
as the concept of Permanent Revolution, as opposed to Lenin's two-stage 
theory of continuing revolution), but I will not go down the blind path of 
attacking Trotsky as counter-revolutionary and distorting his role in the 
Russian revolution, etc., as this falls into the Stalinist claptrap of 
character assassination and the likes, which is aimed at hiding 
the  bureaucratization of the CPSU under Stalin's  helm.

The CPP's level of sectarianism is awesome, and also dangerous.  Imagine 
isolating itself from different international political currents, 
especially the revolutionary currents represented by such groups as the 
DSP-Australia, Socialist Alliance, and the Fourth International.  Whatever 
differences we have with these groups, it will be totally sectarian to lump 
them all as 'counter-revolutionaries'.

There is also a note of concern.  When the CPP calls people as 
'counter-revolutionaries', does it mean they're fair game for 
assassination?  Isn't it the label they used to assassinate Rolly Kintanar 
and Arturo Tabara?  Aside from comrades who are rumored to be in the CPP 
"hit list", such as Ric Reyes and Nilo dela Cruz, the article also names 
the following political figures: Manjette Lopez; Liddy Nacpil; Tito dela 
Cruz; Caridad Pascual; Etta Rosales; Walden Bello, Boy Morales; Gani 
Serrano; Ike de los Reyes; Sonny Melencio.

Killings, violence and thuggery are the classic Stalinist methods of 
"resolving" differences in the workers movement introduced under Joseph 
Stalin. There are no such periods of "red terror" during the time of Marx, 
Engels and Lenin. All political differences, including with the reformists 
and social democrats, must be resolved through political means. This is the 
proletarian way that should be upheld by all revolutionaries.

Sonny Melencio

Louis Proyect
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