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Tue Dec 28 06:34:18 MST 2004

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> The earthquake measuring 8.1 was 800km from Tasi, while Sri Lanka was 1000 
> miles away from the epicentre >of the earthquake (near Sumatra).

The math doesn't match. Are you talking about a different event?

For example, the official map that the US Goverment's West Coast & Alaska 
Tsunami Warning Center is distributing, Tasmania doesn't even show, and the 
closest part of australia is North West, at more that 2000 km away. Tasmania 
was even much farther than this.



In general I do agree with this:

From: "Suresh" <borhyaenid at yahoo.com>

>Yet, modern
>construction, the organizational capacity of the
>developed nation-state, telecommunications, etc. now
>allow mankind to significantly curtail the worst
>effects of natural disasters. That these capabilities
>are unevenly distributed between the imperial and
>semi-colonial worlds is only further condemnation of a
>system which perpetuates bare subsistence existence
>alongside ultra-modern skyscrapers and tourist resorts
>in countries like Indonesia and Thailand.

But this event was trully unique. I spoke with a comrade that works in the 
Puerto Rican Seismic Network, in Mayaguez, PR, and she explained that this 
earthquake was not only one of the strongest ever recorded, but its 
aftershocks where incredibly powerful. And in addition it is considered a 
very shallow earthquake, happening "just" 10 km below the surfrace, a very 
rare depth for such a powerful earthquake. So we are dealing with a disaster 
the likes we have never seen in contemporary times.

My point is that this is the one event that the standard analysis of the 
situation is mitigated by the enormity of the thing itself. We risk sounding 
like doomsayers, who regardless of the actual content of the event would 
push forward the, with some idealism, the same line.

Yet, and as materialist I belive this is important, there are certain things 
than even under a perfect communist utopia, cannot be countered. This is why 
I express skepticism with regards of infrastructural factors being the MAIN 
cause of death in this event.


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