[Marxism] Scopes redux

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> While Linnaean classification is useful to pigeonhole organisms, it is not 
> useful to assess evolutionary relationships, because it simply doesn't 
> reflect the patterns of ancestry and descent present among living things. 
> It groups by similarity. We use phylogenetics for that.

Hey, I only claimed "educated layman" knowledge of the question, thanks for 
the information, precisely what this thread needed...

> MDS was wrong, for the same reason that the Linnaean grouping "Reptilia" 
> no longer exists, except in high school biology classes. If we recognize 
> groupings based on evolutionary history, then "organic" groupings must 
> include the common ancestor and all of its descendants. In that case, 
> Reptilia should also include the Linnaean class Aves (birds), which in 
> popular usage, it doesn't. MDS creates a fictitious grouping of great apes 
> by subtracting Homo from it.

I agree fully. This also questions the view of dinosaurs as "extinct", when 
in reality they simply evolved into birds and modern reptiles.

Another question, I heard from a conservationist friend that bats are being 
re-classified as primates, is this true?


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