[Marxism] Yep, they're selling the moon, but...

Jurriaan Bendien andromeda246 at hetnet.nl
Tue Dec 28 12:20:47 MST 2004

 To rekindle lost interest in space exploration, an international 
organization claiming the right to sell lunar land has announced plans for a 
$4 billion return trip to the Moon -- and it wants you to participate.

For info on this "lunar land grab", see:

More than 2.5 million people from 180 countries have bought property on the 
Moon and Mars in sales that reached $1 million last year. The scheme is 
bogus, legal scholars argue, but business is booming and futurists have been 
forced to ponder the fate of celestial property rights.

"This is a common hoax, much like buying a star (see our previously answered 
question on that). Some people believe that there is a loop-hole in the 
Space Treaty, which says that no country can lay claim to bodies in space, 
but does no ban individuals from doing so - legally though it is considered 
that no-one can lay claim to the Moon, therefore any certificate you buy 
which claims that you own part of the Moon is not legally binding and should 
only be considered a novelty item."

Can you really buy land on the Moon? One writer argues:

No. The surfaces of all solar system planets are protected by international 
treaties signed in the 1960's that prevent this kind of purchase. Of course, 
for various fund raising purposes, some organizations have 'sold' land on 
Mercury in exchange for a donation, but such claims no matter how detailed 
would never hold up in a court of law. 

But maybe it's more complicated:

The Outer Space Treaty of 1967 explicitly forbids any government from 
claiming a celestial resource such as the Moon or a planet. What does this 
mean? Well it means that governments can not appropriate the Moon or other 
celestial bodies. Effectively, governments have signed to the fact that they 
have no rights to these bodies at all. What is actually important here is 
what the Outer Space Treaty does not say. It explicitly does not say whether 
commercial enterprises or private individuals can claim, exploit or 
appropriate the celestial bodies for profit. (Note that the Lunar Embassy is 
not a government body.) The United Nations and all countries that signed the 
Outer Space Treaty became aware of this vital omission almost immediately 
after the treaty was ratified in 1967. In fact, the United Nations have 
expended a large amount of time trying to ratify an amendment to the treaty 
ever since, that would explicitly include corporations and individuals. All 
attempts at ratifying such an amendment failed because member states did not 
agree with it. So, in the end, all the ratification attempts were summarized 
into the famous Moon Treaty some 15 years later. (...) The Moon Treaty, had 
it been ratified, would have forbidden the exploitation of Space, the Moon 
and other celestial bodies for profit motives. According to the Moon treaty, 
individuals may not claim the Moon and other celestial bodies. But, of all 
the 185 or so member states of the UN only six states supported it. All 
others, including all space faring nations (USA, UK, Russia, China etc) 
refused to sign it. This is something that does not seem to be well known. 
The USA explicitly refused to sign it as it would inhibit the exploitation 
of Lunar and other celestial resources for profit by corporations and 

Geneva, Ohio residents say they claimed the moon as their own back in 1966. 
Thirty-five Geneva residents signed the "Declaration of Lunar Ownership" 38 
years ago and unveiled it to the world at the high school auditorium. 


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