[Marxism] Is Iraq being plundered?

Fred Feldman ffeldman at bellatlantic.net
Tue Dec 28 20:08:53 MST 2004

Walter Lippmann writes:
They are plundering the country and stripping it of its resources.
The troops brought growing disorder in their train, destroying the
institutions that existed and then simply
"privatising" the disorder for purposes of theft by US and related big
Fred  responds:
Well, Walter caught me in a surmise there.  I have to admit that back
when the war was being prepared, I thought that the occupation of Iraq
would probably produce a partial economic improvement in the country,
coupled to the end of sanctions, and simply the end of bombing and so on
(well, as it turned out, the bombing is on again, of course). And I was
shocked at the scale of collapse that followed, symbolized in some ways
by the massive looting of the museums (and if there aren't Americans
getting rich from that, I'll eat my hat.)
The US and "Iraqi" governments pour out contracts for "reconstruction."
The "privatise" services,  basically paying US companies or US capital
with Iraqi beards to get things going again. Yet the country still is
without clean water in many regions,  there are constant blackouts
although there should be no fuel crisis, and every area of life is in
disorder.  And this was before the resistance reached its current high
military pitch.  The country is hardly one great construction site, but
billions are being dished out for "reconstruction.:"
It does seem to me that the country is being cleaned out.
Capital-repatriated, legally and otherwise.  And that a lot of contracts
are being handed out for work that does not get done or that is done on
a very small scale to cover the ripoff.
One reason I thought a broad resistance might take a couple years to
develop was that I assumed the end of the war and the end of the
sanctions would lead to a bit of an economic upswing, but instead
everything went down the tubes and most of it is just lying there.  The
country, it seems to me, is being deconstructed, not reconstructed by
I know capitalism is a terrible system, but what has happened in Iraq
kind of carries the pure ripoff of a country at gunpoint  -- primitive
accumulation, it used to be called -- to the point of absurdity.
So I see a vast, organized and unorganized, largely US corporate ripoff
taking place called "reconstruction." But I don't have a lot of concrete
proof of it at my finger tips.
And I will be more careful about how I formulate this in the future.
Watch the scandals for future developments.
Fred Feldman
But I admit this is a bit of a construction or surmise on my part, not
something  I have a lot of facts at my fingertips on.

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