[Marxism] [a MUST READ!!!....] Yushchenko's Disease: A Tale

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Tue Dec 28 20:28:55 MST 2004

Some bloggers have suggested it's rosacea, which can be triggered by 
alcohol abuse.


At 12:33 PM 12/28/2004, you wrote:
>After initially mentioning it, this article simply "disappears" 
>Yushchenko's facial disfigurement, focusing instead on his back and 
>abdominal pain and alleged irregularities in their diagnosis. How do we 
>explain this, most salient symptom? Cosmetic surgery?
>>December 27, 2004
>>Yushchenko's Disease: A Tale of Two Poisons
>>by Thomas Boyle, M.D.
>>After weeks of rampant speculation and political intrigue of the highest
>>order, the mystery of Viktor Yushchenko's rapid and startling facial
>>disfigurement was settled with a simple blood test and reported with bold
>>finality: The Ukrainian presidential candidate was poisoned with dioxin. Not
>>just routinely poisoned. No, it was a silver-medal performance, scoring a
>>blood dioxin level 6,000-times higher than normal ­ the second-highest level
>>ever recorded. The case was immediately closed in dramatic fashion. Major
>>media collectively breathed a sigh of relief that rippled across the
>>Internet: Their unfounded and rash medical assumptions of poisoning were
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