[Marxism] Iran Seeks Russian Aid In Face Of Impending US-Israeli Attacks

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Tue Dec 28 21:57:46 MST 2004

From:           	Rick Rozoff 

1) Russia's Atomic Energy Agency Head: Russian-Iranian
Nuclear Cooperation To Be Accelerated
2) Iran Seeks Russian Jets To Defend Itself Against
Impending US-Israeli Attacks


Russian Information Agency (Novosti)
December 27, 2004


-It is no secret that Iran is apprehensive about US
and Israel flights, as the two countries have
repeatedly promised to prevent Iran developing its
nuclear capabilities by any means. 

MOSCOW - Russia may start the supply of nuclear fuel
to a nuclear power plant in the city of Bushehr, Iran,
in 2005. An agreement on the return of spent nuclear
fuel is to be signed in January. "The probability of
this is very high," Alexander Rumyantsev, the head of
Russia's Atomic Energy Agency (Rosatom), stressed on

Russia is interested in economic cooperation with
Iran, whose economy has grown at a rate of 6% this
year. Tehran has promised new nuclear contracts for
Russia. Iranian Minister of Economy and Finance Safdar
Hoseini said on December 17, "It has been decided that
work on the second generating unit of the Bushehr
Nuclear Power Plant may begin [with Moscow]." The
first unit cost $800 million. Tehran hints that the
construction of another seven generating units worth
$10 billion is planned for the near future. 

The Russian fuel should arrive in Bushehr no later
than six months before putting the nuclear power plant
into operation, Vremya Novostei writes. The "unit is
set to be commissioned in late 2005 or early 2006,"
Mr. Rumyantsev said. Rosatom sources have repeatedly
stressed that the nuclear fuel has already been stored
and is ready for dispatch to Iran. Although Moscow is
certain there are no political obstacles to fuel
supplies to Iran, some Western observers believe US
pressure is the main cause for the delay in fuel
supplies (they were postponed throughout 2004).
Russian nuclear fuel deliveries to Iran have become a
sore point in Russian-American relations. Washington
has accused Iran of wanting to develop nuclear arms
and included in "the axis-of-evil." Now the US is
trying to persuade Moscow to give up plans to
cooperate with Tehran in the nuclear sphere. 

The situation in the region is tense. Last week, the
Iranian Air Force was ordered to shoot down all
unidentified aircraft over the country. The press had
previously reported on unidentified aircraft flying
over the nuclear facilities in Isfahan and Bushehr. It
is no secret that Iran is apprehensive about US and
Israel flights, as the two countries have repeatedly
promised to prevent Iran developing its nuclear
capabilities by any means. 

Middle East Newsline
December 28, 2004


MOSCOW - Iran has been discussing the procurement of
aircraft from Russia.

The two countries are negotiating a contract for the
sale of five Russian Tu-204-100 aircraft to Iran.
Officials said the contract could be signed in 2005.

"I hope it will happen early next year," Russia's
Industry and Energy Minister Viktor Khristenko said.

On Wednesday, Iran's military was ordered on alert to
defend the nation's nuclear sites. Iranian Army
commander Gen. Mohammed Salimi said the air force has
suspended exercises to focus on protecting the nuclear

"The air force has been ordered to protect the nuclear
sites, using all its power," Salimi said. "The air
force has temporarily suspended all its maneuvers and
focused its means to patrol the sky. All our forces
including land forces, anti-aircraft, radar tactics
are protecting the nuclear sites, and an attack on
them will not be simple."  

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