[Marxism] A note from Walter Lippmann in Cuba

Walter Lippmann walterlx at earthlink.net
Wed Dec 29 05:22:33 MST 2004

When I returned from over two weeks traveling in Eastern 
and Central Cuba late Sunday afternoon, I found myself to
be exhausted and drained from the experience. I've not at
all felt well and the change in weather, humidity and so
on haven't been great for me. I've had to take a few days
off, or try to, and haven't been able to work at a normal
level. In fact, I have to resist the urge to try to keep
up with regular work right now while I have to both get
better, and write up a fuller report for CubaNews readers
on some of the things I did and saw, and some of the many
experiences I had while on the journey. These are what I
now plan to focus on until a report can be written and
sent out. I'm sure you'll find it of interest.

CubaNews subscribers and others who follow Cuban affairs
should continue to send in materials to share about Cuba,
and participate in ongoing discussions and debates where
we can to try to influence U.S. Cuba policy in a better
way. That may seem a stretch given the re-selection of
Bush and his crew to their second term, but it needs to
be done. Discussion and debate within the US, even as
limited, hackneyed and constrained as it is, remains an
important method of bring a better appreciation of Cuban
reality into public view. These can help build a climate
to turn U.S. Cuba policy around. 

The horrible effects of the Tsunami in Asia, with tens
of thousands of lives lost across the continent, while
rooted in natural forces, was infinitely worse because of
misplaced priorities by responsible governments in most
places. Above all, Washington's wars of conquest and of
occupation point humanity in the entirely wrong direction.

Below are but two of many eloquent commentaries which have
been coming out in light of the tragedy, which could have
been a lot less had human society been organized along a
more sustainable, human-centered path. A similar tragedy,
though with less human death took place just a couple of
months ago in the Western Hemisphere where Hurricane Ivan,
Hurricane Charley and others took dozens of lives, but not
one life was lost in Cuba during Hurricane Ivan. Cuba's
policy of putting people first meant that the island was
ready, willing and committed to doing everything necessary
to save human life in the face of nature's vicissitudes.

Yet the US media pretty much damned Cuba for its policy
of taking social responsibility for responding to nature's
threats. But we can and should remember that nature alone
can only do so much. A society which puts human needs in
the driver's seat, as Cuba's does, has a greater capacity
to respond to nature's challenges than one which leaves 
the individual to his or her own fate. Everyone can learn 
a lot from Cuba's experiences in such situations. 

Walter Lippmann, CubaNews

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