[Marxism] Is Iraq being plundered?

Mike Friedman mikedf at mail.amnh.org
Wed Dec 29 09:41:17 MST 2004

I seem to remember SOMEBODY on this list, way back when the aggression 
began, predicting that something like this would happen; "this" being the 
non-reconstruction of Iraq...


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>Walter Lippmann writes:
>They are plundering the country and stripping it of its resources.
>The troops brought growing disorder in their train, destroying the
>institutions that existed and then simply
>"privatising" the disorder for purposes of theft by US and related big
>Fred  responds:
>Well, Walter caught me in a surmise there.  I have to admit that back
>when the war was being prepared, I thought that the occupation of Iraq
>would probably produce a partial economic improvement in the country,
>coupled to the end of sanctions, and simply the end of bombing and so on
>(well, as it turned out, the bombing is on again, of course). And I was
>shocked at the scale of collapse that followed, symbolized in some ways
>by the massive looting of the museums (and if there aren't Americans
>getting rich from that, I'll eat my hat.)

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