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   where Carlos wrote

But there must be something other than infrasctructural capabilites
influencing this, Cuba has next to none infracstructure, yet survived
hurricanes that created a lot of problems, even in Puerto Rico there
were about a dozen dead (I was there at the time). Yet Cuba had no
fatalities, inspite of a storm surge that move a mile inland in
parts. Why?

  The difference is social cohesion, being prepared for dangers, and
being ready to act collectively. And having a government which truly
does represent the society, i.e. the working people, or even the
nation as a whole, and not only the propertied minority. 

  Sure, a hurricane in the Caribbean is moving slowly and the country
can prepare for it over a period of several days, and hurricanes are
a regular feature of each and every year, but I am convinced that
even in the case of the sudden appearance of a Tsunami tidal wave,
Cuba could mobilize people with relative ease to move away from the
sea shores and onto somewhat eleveted ground. The national institutes
for meterology and geophysics would be able to get the national
government alarmed and a call would go out on all radiostations to
get away from the beaches. Cuba is prepared in similar ways for a
military attack from the USA; and please remember the swiftness by
which the landing on Playa Giron was fought back to prevent the
establishment of a bridgehead - 72 hours till victory. 

   Sure, this earthquake was the strongest one for 40 years, and the
tsunami generated perhaps stronger than anybody in the Indian Ocean
might remember, so a certain level of carelessness is understandable.

   But nonetheless, more would have been possible, from the
establishment of a earthquake and tsunami detection and warning
system for the Indian Ocean to the will of the national governments
to act and mobilize their people. 
   As to the warning system which is present for the Pacific Ocean --
that one borders in its northern part on two very rich imperialist
nations, USA and Japan, and in its southern part on two others
(although I don't know if tsunamis are a big danger for New Zealand
and Australia). On the Indian Ocean, only Australia and South Africa
can be counted among the more affluent societies. 

Lüko Willms 
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