[Marxism] Is Iraq being plundered?

Carrol Cox cbcox at ilstu.edu
Wed Dec 29 14:53:56 MST 2004

Mike Friedman wrote:
> I seem to remember SOMEBODY on this list, way back when the aggression
> began, predicting that something like this would happen; "this" being the
> non-reconstruction of Iraq...
> Mike

I don't know about this list, but in July of 2003 I posted the following
on lbo-talk:


Howard Dean: "Now That We're There We Can't Leave"  Thu, 03 Jul 2003
12:39:16 -0500

Jeffrey Fisher wrote:  i'm still trying to get
> a handle on what we really ought to be doing in current circumstances,
> but i think the lesson to take even from an accurate appraisal of
> resistance to US troops is not that we wash our hands of having created
> a massive power vacuum. an immediate withdrawal of US troops (et al)
> hardly guarantees a healthy iraqi civil society, in either the short or
> the long run.

No it doesn't; but U.S. continuation there will only make it worse, both
in the short and in the long run. Nothing ever guarantees anything good;
but there are things, such as u.s. troops in Iraq, that do guarantee
continued (and growing) evils, with no compensatory gain whatever.

In any case, the anti-war (anti-imperialist) movement for the
foreseeable future is going to be a very loose coalition of people and
groups, and all forces within it must allow for it. Two points:

1. No coherent left exists in this nation at the present time (under
_any_ conceivable defintion of "a left")

2. We can't say at the present time what a "coherent left" might look
like, so there can't be any very coherent strategy for its creation.

3. For myself, I want to work for the creation within the larger
coalitions, of "a" left which (a) has no connection whatever with the
Democratic Party and (b) has only one foreign-policy principle: U.S.
troops out of everywhere - no strings. Such a position is not soon going
to be a majority within even a narrowly conceived anti-imperialist
coalition, but I think it essential to maintain it as a rallying point
and a possibility. - Carrol


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