[Marxism] tsunami II

Carlos A. Rivera cerejota at optonline.net
Wed Dec 29 15:14:23 MST 2004

I spoke whit my comrade in the Sesmological Survey in Puerto Rico, and she
raised a very interesting point regarding the Tsunami, one I have yet to

It is that a large part of the problem wasn't infrastructure per-se, but
lack of education and planning. This specifically applies to the areas
closer to the quake itself.

Her point is that all those people felt a real huge earthquake (she says in
all probability people were shaken to the ground, trees uprooted etc), 5 to
10 minutes before the tsunami. Had they known what had just happened, they
would have ON THEIR OWN evacuated to higher ground. She pointed out that
even with a state of the art system such as the Pacfic network, areas 5 to
15 minutes away of the Tsunami, which have been the most affected in terms
of lives, wouldn't have had time to get the warning. Yet large scale
educational efforts, including that of local first responders such as police
and medical personnel, would have allowed people to know that an earthquake
in their are would most likely result in a tsunami, and hece taken action
without need of further warning. She expressed wonder that there are no such 
efforts there, because it is a geological area of great activity.

She does agree that infrastructure played a significant role in areas hours
away, because the wave that hit those areas was not as strong or as high,
and two or 3 hours was ample time to evacuate.

Nevertheless she described in very picturesque language that this was a very
big one, as big as can be expected, and that her instruments recorded the 
quake so strongly (in Puerto
Rico) that they initially thought it was a malfunction.


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