[Marxism] New buzzword - "disaster reduction"

Jurriaan Bendien andromeda246 at hetnet.nl
Wed Dec 29 18:42:41 MST 2004

Listening to the radio, I picked up a new buzzword from BBC, a sort of 
neologism - "disaster reduction". Yep, they actually mentioned the "d" word, 
in talking about the people trying to cope with the effects of the Asian 
tsunami. A new concept. It's kinda "risk management" language (as in 
portfolio investment), where
you cannot eliminate the possibility of a disaster occurring altogether 
(deregulated market uncertainty and all that), but you could reduce the 
likelihood of it occurring, or alternatively reduce/limit the severity of
the effects of the disaster, if it occurs. Thus, disasters could be 
"reduced", in the sense of being brought down to a manageable size, a 
manageable problem, or at least a problem where you could employ a manager 
to manage it. Although not a management problem, but a natural disaster. 
Soon I expect to hear more about "disaster reduction strategies". Preferable 
to "war against terror" though.


Talkin about/a new construction/
Brought about/by tsunami suction
No forewarnings/but giving us duction/
Name of the game/is disaster reduction
Trouble maybe big/You can make it small/
Reduce as you cruise/if you're on the ball
Water on my left/and water on my right/
Lotta people shouting/all they want to do is fight
The President says/Its beyond comprehension/
ravage destruction/international tension
What the people need/is peace and attention
disaster reduction/that's the creed
Independent action/by a management faction
Perfect foresight/Would be very relaxing
Things on the mind/That can make you blind
So you can't even see/Wood for the trees
Tsunami stranding/Trees crashing down
We're still standing/Cryin like a clown
Disaster has struck/We're out of luck
Disaster reduction/Can you spare a buck
Appeal to humanity/Ain't talking profanity
No time for vanity/to stop the insanity

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