[Marxism] New buzzword - "disaster reduction"

Jurriaan Bendien andromeda246 at hetnet.nl
Wed Dec 29 21:22:14 MST 2004

In another interesting interview they had on BBC radio, a guy argued that 
the rich countries should write a "blanc cheque" to fund the relief work.

The journalist however countered, that one couldn't simply write a blanc 
cheque, that was unreasonable and so on.

So the guy says (paraphrase, I don't recall the exact words), "well they 
wrote a blanc cheque to fight this war in Iraq, if they can spend virtually 
unlimited funds, billions of dollars there, I don't see why they cannot do 
it in tsunami relief work."

The impression I get is that a lot of different themes, angles, and foci are 
being explored out there for the purpose of tsunami crisis management.


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