[Marxism] Give me a freakin' break Naomi

Victor Rosado skygoya at optonline.net
Thu Dec 30 03:58:46 MST 2004

Tony wrote:

(1) "Perhaps it would be easier to understand Klein's point of view if one
were to attempt a more internationalist (rather than simply US-centric)
point of view. "

I think your letting her off the hook here far too easily. In any case, she
seriously undertheorizes the significance of how ABBism obliterated the
anti-war movement in North America and, in turn afffected the momentum and
development of the movement on a national, regional, and international

(2) "Klein, of course, does not live in the US & does not write primarily
for a US audience."

i think she writes primarily for/from a North American-centric audience and
perspective (also, i think we in North America take her work far more
seriously than Europeans do, for instance).  Anyway, don't forget all the
articles and lectures she gave advocating the ABB perspective in the context
of the *US elections* and how that would impact (positively, in her
estimation) both the anti-war and global justice movement.  What a disaster.

(3) "While I have many critiques of Klein's politics from time to time, I
will certainly defend her from attacks that slur her as "stupid" -
especially when these attacks seem to come from someone who has difficultly
seeing conditions beyond their own small corner in the world."

But i am left grasping for an explanation.  So I am left to hypothesize that
she is more liberal than we think she really is or there is something wrong
with her mentally.  Another issue is her analysis on Argentina, where she
continually ignores (or for some reason, is incapable of
theorizing/proposing) the problem of workers confronting, through a
counter-political and counter-ideological movement, State Power.


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