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   anwering Les Schaffer:

LS>> it's been said that many would have been saved if they could
LS>> have moved inland a couple hundred yards.

CAR> Even so, how many would have survived in those areas where this was
CAR> possible?

   It is difficult to give hard figures, but I would gess, that a  
majority if not all could have been saved.

CAR> The reason I ask is because the areas that were hours away (India
CAR> etc) have coaslines that are at sea level in the most part for miles
CAR> and miles on end.

   I heard in some newscast yesterday that the flood reached up to 1  
or 1,5 kilometers inward in the land.

CAR> I am actually suprised, considering the density of the population
CAR> and the hugeness of the event there are so little dead.

   Well, the latest estimates I noticed are 23'000 dead.

CAR> Lets say, for arguements sake, that this was New Orleans we were
CAR> talking about, and that you 2 hours to evacuate. 20,000 dead would
CAR> be the minimum in that situation, and we are talking a major port of
CAR> an imperialist country! It took two full days to evacuate in the
CAR> last hurricane season!

   Has New Orleans actually been evacuated?

   New Orleans is in a swamp area and has not so many escape routes.  
The danger from a hurricane is also different from a seaquake.

   It would have been sufficient to get on some elevated points, like  
15 meters above sea level, and one would have been safe.

   Even if there are no such hills, walking away from the sea shore  
could have done it; one can walk five kilometers per hour, so to get  
beyond those 1,5 km which were touched by the wave, a 20 minute walk  
would have been enough. Well, maybe not on the Maledives, but there it  
would perhaps been the best to get in a boat and as far away from the  
shore as possible.

   The problem is that the societies affected by the seaquake were not  
prepared at all to cope with that danger.

   Disaster warning centers in the USA and other parts of the Pacific  
rim have tried to get the message to as many governments around but  
there apparently nobody had any idea of what to do; they could have  
gone on the radio and called all people near the sea to get away, and  
to instruct the police to bring order into it.

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