[Marxism] Anthro 101 and Apes and Monkeys

Adam cleon42 at yahoo.com
Thu Dec 30 09:44:31 MST 2004

--- Ken Ranney <kranney at rogers.com> wrote:

>   This statement could be accepted as fact on the basis of what I 
> understand has been observed, but it does not exclude supernatural 
> intervention, as Darwin’s Natural Selection clearly does. 

"Natural Selection" does not exclude supernatural intervention any more
than various theories of how gravity works exclude supernatural
explanation. As a scientific theory, though, it focuses on finding
materialist explanations rather than "goddidits."

As I said, "natural selection"--really, "descent through
modification"--is a mechanism for evolution, not a description of
evolution itself.

Gravity is a great analogy for evolution. Gravity is the force where
bodies of mass attract each other. That definition--admittedly
simplified--doesn't exclude supernatural intervention, does it?

Well, the theories of how gravity works get pretty complicated, but
they don't exclude supernatural intervention any more than the
definition does. But the more you explore it, the more you try to find
materialist explanations, the less room there is for "goddidits."

> The
> statement is 
> incompatible with separate creation of species as proposed by 
> bible-believing creationists, but it is not in conflict with Behe’s 
> Intelligent Design.

Behe's--and others'--Intelligent Design is a pseudo-scientific cover on
an old idea; if we (meaning scientists) don't yet know how something
came to be, then God did it. Ultimately, that's what "irreducible
complexity" (Behe's main thesis) boils down to. We don't know,
therefore goddidit. That's not science.

> Please note also that this site does not include metamorphosis in its
> index.
> Ken Ranney

You have to search for it (this is the easiest way to find material on
the site; it's rather large). Click on "Search the Archive," and type
"metamorphosis" into the Google box. 19 results.


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