[Marxism] Message from member of 82nd Airborne in Iraq

Fred Feldman ffeldman at bellatlantic.net
Thu Dec 30 11:12:00 MST 2004

>From Lou Plummer of Military Families Speak Out. He writes from
Fayetteville, NC.,
home of the 82nd Airborne Division. 

One of the friends I have in Iraq sent me this message last week. His
car is parked in my driveway for the next year 
and I am watching his pet snake during the deployment. He lets us know
that we are supporting him and the rest 
of the 82nd Airborne in a way that he can appreciate . Feel free to use
this letter in your organizing if it will help you


Begin forwarded message: 
hello Lou. hope everything is alright there. it is x-mass eve. i am in
baghdad right by the airport. so far this experience has been nothing
like i expected. everything has changed so much since i was here last
time. the highways that we run our supplies on, the bases, and the
structures for us troops. it is kreepy because the stuff that they are
building all says that we are not going anywhere soon. in ways it is
sick because litteraly everything is about money. it is almost like a
sell out war. anything like coffee cups, t-shirts, coats, bags and on
and on all have OIF logos and shit on them. i am drinking out of the lid
of my thermos cause i refuse to buy a coffee mug or anything else for
that matter that says OIF on it. i tell all the soldiers that are with
me that this is not a fucking disney land or six flags it is a fucking
warzone. people are losing life and limb every day and it is not a
positive thing. out in the open desert i feel half way safe convoying
due to the fact that there are so many soft targets heading south.
convoy after convoy of trucks full of oil with military escorts. 
i have no faith in the descision making process of the major officers
appointed above me. so far this camp i am at gets rocketed or mortared 3
or 4 times a week. my first night here we got mortared. about a week ago
i woke up and 2 trailers behind me a rocket hit sometime during the
night but did not explode. i took pictures of it just sticking out of
the sandbags reinforcing our sleeping quarters. the same thing happened
right outside where i work another rocket was found just sticking out of
the ground. when i 1st got here it did not matter if it was incoming or
out going i just hit the deck. now it is just like nothing at all.  at
night we cant have any lights on outside because we will be a possible
target. but on the other hand we are still expected to salute? mortars
are hitting all around us but it is just business as usual. but now a
defac [dining facility] gets hit 22o mile north of here and they decide
to raise our threat level. and i put my life in the hands of the people
who make these descisions? 
i am sorry i did not mean to sound all negative. i wanted to make sure
that my snake is healthy. has he been eating? also i take it that my car
is ok? Well anyway i hope that you are having a merry x-mass. another
thing i never made a copy of fahrenheit 911  if you could get me a copy
of it i will appreciate it. anyway i know that you are supporting us
troops out here the best way posible. trying to get us back! a lot of
soldiers are like sheep and dont see it that way. but know this one is
really grateful for people like you. happy brave new year. 
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