[Marxism] Patrick Bond on world financial volatility

Jurriaan Bendien andromeda246 at hetnet.nl
Thu Dec 30 12:31:12 MST 2004

Hi Marvin,

I have no crystal-ball privileges to answer this question. But the best way 
to understand it, is by looking at what happens socio-politically when there 
have been significant debt defaults.

>I don't think anyone would say anything other than that it would make 
>possible a revival of mass-based left-wing politics.

I would.

I would say, that to infer a causal relationship between economic decline 
and leftwing revival is fallacious. I think this ultraleft fallacy is both a 
theoretical fallacy and an empirical fallacy.

Faced with economic dislocation, poverty and chaos, I think people orient to 
what they think will lead to the return of a 'workable' system. They will 
not necessarily or automatically prefer a leftwing solution over a centrist 
or rightwing solution. It depends on who they see as best expressing or 
representing their interests, and on who appears to be solving real 
problems. It could be Larouche, Camejo, anybody.

The basic design fault with "Marxism" is I think that it claimed to know 
"the" solution in advance, it claims to know the course of history in 
advance, which makes all the essential learnings required impossible - the 
important questions aren't even asked. Driven to a ludicrous extreme, 
'Marxism' creates an optical illusion of an omnipotent Central Committee or 
party directing the workingclass minions who are its footsoldiers.

In reality, there is (as Makoto Itoh implies) not 'one' way of transcending 
capitalism, nor are we able to say with certainty exactly 'how' capitalism 
will be transcended in a particular case. Once this basic reality is freely 
admitted, then the possibility exists for a real politics, based on real 
experience and utilising the personal judgements of the living, rather than 
sterile prefab dogma and 'dead' authorities, whether Trotskyist, Maoist, 
Stalinist or whatever. Because once we admit what we don't know, we can get 
busy with whatever it takes to know it.

Rather than engaging in the futile "more revolutionary than thou" games and 
innuendo putting each other down, we then become interested in helping each 
other express ourselves as thinkers and doers engaged in something that is 
revolutionary. We create a new politics, in which we are in the centre of 
what we do ourselves, rather than being a mere cog in the 'machine of 
history' whose workings and direction we can only vaguely fathom, and 
tenuously affect.


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