[Marxism] Mosul election staff quit en masse

Richard Menec menecraj at shaw.ca
Thu Dec 30 15:40:47 MST 2004

Mosul election staff quit en masse

Thursday 30 December 2004, 23:56 Makka Time, 20:56 GMT

The entire staff of the independent electoral commission in the Iraqi
northern city of Mosul, amounting to about 700 employees, have resigned amid
growing violence in the country.

Staff members said on Thursday their resignation followed threats they
received in the past few days. The withdrawal of the Iraqi Islamic Party
from the election also figured in their decision, Aljazeera has learned.

In a related move that could affect the 30 January elections, Shia leader
Muqtada al-Sadr's political office announced it was taking legal action
against the interim Iraqi government for alleged torture and murder of its

Fadhil al-Shara, an al-Sadr official, said the legal action focused on the
Iraqi police in Hilla, who are alleged to have arrested 15 al-Sadr
supporters in the town and tortured another four to death.


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