[Marxism] The Two Souls of Patriotism

Brian Shannon Brian_Shannon at verizon.net
Thu Dec 30 17:30:30 MST 2004

Another reminder of the complicated character of the human personality. 
Useful in thinking of the dual or triple or more character of volunteer 
soldiers in Iraq and elsewhere, who are motivated by crass patriotism, 
desire to earn a subsequent degree, temporary cash, machismo, emulation 
of ancestors, what-have-you.

Civil-Rights Pioneer Dies

December 30, 2004

Attorney Donald L. Hollowell, who helped free the Rev. Martin Luther 
King Jr. from prison, desegregate Atlanta's public schools and the 
University of Georgia (UGA), and fought as a Buffalo Soldier and in 
World War II, has died. Regarded by many as the predominant 
civil-rights attorney in Georgia—and perhaps the South—the 87-year-old 
Hollowell died of heart failure Monday, Stanley Foster, a partner at 
Hollowell, Foster & Gepp told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

In the 1950s and '60s, Hollowell served (registration required) as one 
of the lead lawyers in the desegregation of Atlanta schools. He 
represented King in 1960 after the civil-rights leader was sent to 
Reidsville Prison on a DeKalb County traffic charge. He was attorney 
for Charlayne Hunter (later Hunter-Gault) and Hamilton Holmes Jr. as 
they integrated UGA in 1961. Hollowell also mentored a host of young 
black attorneys, including Vernon Jordan and Horace Ward, now a federal 
judge. In 1917, when Hollowell was 18, his father told him he had to 
work, so he enlisted in the Army's all-black 10th Cavalry, the regiment 
known as the Buffalo Soldiers in the Old West. During his six years in 
the Army, he earned his high-school diploma and, in 1941, enrolled in 
all-black Lane College in Jackson, Tenn., where he became the starting 
quarterback on the football team. Hollowell re-enlisted after the 
Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor and rose to the rank of captain while 
serving in Europe. He returned to Lane after the war and earned an 
undergraduate degree. In 1951, he received his law degree from Loyola 
University in Chicago.


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