[Marxism] A Dark Happy New Year

Nestor Gorojovsky nestorgoro at fibertel.com.ar
Fri Dec 31 15:56:37 MST 2004

Yesterday night, a fire ate the lives of some 200 young people at 
República Cro Magnon, a Buenos Aires music joint, and wounded or 
injured 700 (many of them, of course, with unpredictable 

The place was a dangerous hole with flammable cloth, plastic wall 
cover, little fire protection, and all of it.  There was a 
fashionable band playing (some musician and some relatives died 
during the fire), and thus the place seems to have been containing 
more people than allowed (something usual here).  República Cromagnon 
lies in a downgraded but very populous middle class section of the 
Once neighborhood, at the core of the city, half a mile away from one 
of the main high schools in BA (students of that school know R.C-M 
well, my youngest daughter included)

There is also a hospital less than 3/4 a mile away.  Firemen and 
other rescue teams seem to have reached the place more or less soon, 
but there was no actually organized command of the safety system or 
the rescue operations.  Everything seems to have been carried on by 
the sheer strength of solidarity, a new element to be considered when 
understanding Argentina today.  It was people who were at the show, 
not the police, who first blocked the streets around the place;  
maybe the piquete experience has some consequences, for example, it 
saves human lives. People who had left the place returned inside to 
save their friends and family, and sometimes did not return outside 
while those they had intended to save did escape. 

[BTW: perhaps this solidarity issue is why an Arg tourist who was on 
honeymoon at Thailand these mournful days had carried her doctor's 
bag with her.  She had obtained her diploma recently, and her 
experience had been at Arg public hospitals.  She spent the last days 
of her vacations "sewing heads", as she declared to TV, and looked 
happy to have been of help]
So much for solidarity.  Let us turn now to different issues.

One of the resons for this Buenos Aires disaster is human idiocy.  
Some wisecrack took a heavy firework inside the place, set it alive 
and triggered a fire that devoured the whole place.  

OK.  But there is still another reason:  emergency doors were locked. 
There was no way you could open them up, either from within or from 
without the premises  You know: so that nobody slips inside without 
their entrance ticket.  These doors proved excellent safeguards of 
the owner's greed, but they also made sure that hundreds had no exit 
tickets.  BTW: don't expect the owners of R.C-M to face serious 
trials at all.  They won't.  These people always escape justice.

Today is New Year's Eve.  I was thinking of something to send to you. 

But I have decided that this is too dark a New Year Eve and that my 
own Happy New Year message could not be too light.  Maybe what 
follows will sound "petty bourgeois", but allow me some indulgence:  
my daughter Leila, of 18, could have been at República Cro Magnon 
yesterday night (fortunately, she was not).  My son Roman, 25, could 
have been (he had been there other times).  Many friends of my 
daughter could have been; two actually were, and they escaped 
unharmed.  This we have known only now, at 7:30 PM local time today.  

It is under the shock provided by these facts that I would like to 
state that as monopoly capitalism marches towards its Götterdamnerung 
special kind of annihilation sheer greed, the single social force 
that it actually worships, places an ever increasing burden on human 

Let it stop as soon as possible.

This is a dark, deadly Happy New Year.

But let it be truly Happy, as happy as struggle can support.

Néstor Miguel Gorojovsky
nestorgoro at fibertel.com.ar

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"Sí, una sola debe ser la patria de los sudamericanos".
Simón Bolívar al gobierno secesionista y disgregador de 
Buenos Aires, 1822
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