[Marxism] When Rick Is Right , He is Very Right ! ( i. e. Correct , Astute , Articulate )

gabriel ross rosredgabe at yahoo.com
Fri Dec 31 18:25:53 MST 2004

 To Fellow Members of CSR ,   We understand that not all of  you agree with the traditional Socialist position of " No War But Class War! "  We do not demand blind allegiance to Party line even from even from or members. We are Socialisrs and proud of that fact . As Longshoreman's leader Mike J. Quill used to say ,  "I would rather be called a Red by the rats than a rat by the Reds "  Please remember that refusal to stand up for one 's friends who happen to be Socialists, led to the Palmer Raids , the legal lynching of Sacco & Vanzetti, and the Rosenberg's . Author Jack Reed , Labor activist Big Bill Mooney,  and civil rights activist and  NAACP founder, W E B Dubois all died in exile because of their involvement with the socialist  movement and subsequent persecution for that involvement.  Given our lineage of martyrs, we hope you will forgive us for trumpeting our successes.   As internationalists, offers of support from Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the UK are a big deal  to
 us . The signatories to "The Peace Groups Unite .." are solely responsible for its content .  Rick was kind enough to forward the piece and acknowledge that our group developed the idea of the vigils. So please ,send remonstrations to me.  I love debate.  As my comrade and friend Pete Seeger says in  Talking Union Blues,  " That if you don't let red-baiting break you up, and you don't let stool pigeons and vigilantes break you up, and you don't let race hatred break you up, you'll win; what I mean is, take it easy, but take it. "  Happy New Year and Hope to see you Sunday,  Gabriel Kierran Ross,  member Green-Socialist Alliance & Socialist Party of The United States, Green Alliance US      .  . '.  . 

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