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dave dorkin ddorkin1 at yahoo.com
Sun Feb 1 10:36:33 MST 2004

Eagleton does great work. I wrote the Nation myself
about that awful piece they just published. Eagleton
mostly writes in the London Review of Books and
occasionally the New Left Review but was published for
the first time in the Nation itself only a few months
ago oddly enough. 

Dear Editors,

William Deresiewicz's piece on Terry Eagleton ("The
Business of Theory") is a disconcerting mixture of
cheap shots and professorial penis envy. One is
treated to such analysis as: "His fertility, it turns
out, is partly a matter of shameless self-plagiarism"
or "Eagleton wishes for capitalism's demise, but as
long as it's here, he plans to do as well as he can
out of it" and "Someone who owns three homes shouldn't
be preaching self-sacrifice." 

To the extent Deresiewicz has an argument, he 
superficially rehearses the same ill-conceived
objections to Eagleton's work that have been raised by
others throughout Eagleton's career. 

The piece's only semi-novelty is a risible attempt to
sully Eagleton with a charge of anti-Americanism
("it's really something to hear an Englishman lecture
the United States about ethnic tensions") and the
amount of venom that Deresiewicz finds time to pack
into the review.

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