[Marxism] "Governments come and go, but the police remain"

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Sun Feb 1 21:52:48 MST 2004

New York Times, February 2, 2004
Bush to Establish Panel to Examine U.S. Intelligence

"Nor is it clear whether the commission's broader mandate will keep it from
delving too deeply into the specific failures by the C.I.A. and other
intelligence agencies in the case of Iraq. Mr. Bush has been trying to avoid
identifying individuals or agencies responsible for the Iraq failures.
Senior administration officials concede they do not want to risk further
alienating the C.I.A. or the director of central intelligence, George J.

"There is significance in the fact that one of the two police inspectors who
were conducting me from Paris to Irun in the autumn of 1916 explained to me:
'Governments come and go, but the police remain.'"
--Leon Trotsky, My Life, Chapter 20

from Brian Shannon

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