[Marxism] "Governments come and go, but the police..."

Chris Brady cdbrady at sbcglobal.net
Sun Feb 1 23:21:35 MST 2004

The Bushoids are afraid that if they squeeze the CIA too hard they'll
squirt right in their eyes.  It's fairly well known in certain circles
that "The Company" is economically self-sufficient, and is intimately
intertwined with the capitalist establishment.  Some rightwing blowhards
known as the Bush Administration have tried to use them, messed with
them, squeezed them.  We can only hope that they continue to do so.
Blame them for the making the shit they stepped in.  It'll be so
cathartic.  So goood for both of them,

as far as we're concerned.

The big problem for the establishment is who to throw to the wolves: the
President or the CIA.  It is in their code not to mess with their
President, but The Company has teeth.  There were analysts in State and
the Pentagon, along with the CIA, who were against the Iraq attack back
before jump.  These are career public servants loyal to the current
order, too.  Increasingly, it seems, their warnings have turned out to
be most prescient--and recklessly ignored by the Bushoids.  Now the
Bushoids blame them!  Will they take the fall?  It'll be interesting to
see what develops.

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