[Marxism] Canadian Petition against Shari'a court

Raymond Chase r_chase at sympatico.ca
Sun Feb 1 23:32:42 MST 2004

Join the International Campaign against setting up Shari'a court in Canada!


To: All progressive organizations and individuals

On October 21st 2003, Muslim leaders in Canada elected 30 member council to
establish a judicial tribunal for Muslims known as " the Islamic Institute
of Civic Justice". The move is designed to persuade Canadian court to uphold
decisions made under the Muslim Law.

The International Campaign for the Defense of Women's Rights in Iran is
running an International Campaign against this new move in Canada.

We strongly believe that this move is anti women's move and will push back
women in the society in general. In the past 20 years, women's rights have
been increasingly under attack by the Islamic governments and groups. Women
are subject to abuse for disobeying social Islamic standards. Daily
degradation of women, prohibition from many forms of employment, field of
study and sports, sexual segregation in buses, schools and public places,
Stoning to death of women or murdering them for sexual relations outside
marriage, acid-throwing in the faces of women, and flogging for
transgressing Islamic laws for improper behavior have been imposed on women
under Islamic influence not only in countries such as Iran, Afghanistan and
Pakistan but also in Western countries.

The women's rights movement has fought this reactionary movement and many
paid a price in doing so. . As part of this radical movement, we believe
that all people who live in Canada are citizens with equal rights, and
should live according to same social laws and norms. We do not divide
society into cultural, religious, national and racial majorities and
minorities. We stand for equal and universal laws and freedoms for all
humanity, which should embrace all, irrespective of sex, race, ethnicity,
We now are calling on all individuals and progressive organizations to
oppose the proposed tribunal for legal recognition of settlements according
to Shari'a. This proposal is anti-freedom, anti-women, misogynist and
anti-modernism and is strongly racist.

We therefore have the following demands:

1. Religion to be declared private affair of the individual. And complete
separation of religion from education for children under the age 16.

2. Prohibition of violent and inhuman religious ceremonies, practice and any
form of religious activities that is incompatible with people's
civil rights and liberties and the principle of the equality of all.

3. Prohibition of teaching religions subjects and dogmas or religions
interpretation in schools and educational establishments or in general any
law and regulation that breaches the principle of secular non- religious

By signing this petition, you defend the universal rights of human beings.
Your support will strengthen the radical movement for secularism.

Homa Arjomand
The coordinator
homawpi at rogers.com


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