[Marxism] this vi-rus is evil!

Adam Levenstein cleon42 at yahoo.com
Mon Feb 2 05:38:36 MST 2004

--- "Jose G. Perez" <elgusanorojo at bellsouth.net> wrote:
> This is precisely the difference between "open source" and "free" (as
> in
> freedom) software. The GNU general public license forces you to
> license
> as free software anything you distribute that incorporates free
> software: you can't build anything into GNU/Linux and distribute it
> that
> is not free software. You are forbidden from incorporating free
> software
> into an app unless that app is also licensed as free software.

Not true; Lindows OS is a distribution of Linux for desktop users where
a closed-source desktop system sits on top of Linux. You can develop
any closed-source system you like and integrate it with open source.

What you cannot do with GPL (GNU Public License) software is take
something that's open source and *redestribute it* closed-source. THAT
you can do with the BSD license.

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