[Marxism] A very significant improvement?

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Mon Feb 2 09:11:59 MST 2004

Mistake Prone
John Kerry as 'Pragmatic Choice'

By Mickey Z.

In a recent article, Stormin' Norman Solomon continues his 
anyone-but-Bush crusade by telling us that John Kerry is "not a 
progressive candidate" but is "probably the best bet to defeat Bush — 
and, as president ... would be a very significant improvement over the 
incumbent." All right, that's Norman's opinion ... and in light of his 
recent articles, it's no surprise. But since he chose to mock Clueless 
Mikey Moore's love affair with War Criminal Wesley Clark, I have to 
mention that Solomon went on to offer the following:

"Kerry's senatorial vote for the war resolution in October 2002 remains 
an indefensible part of his record."

"Kerry included this rhetorical question in his oratory: 'Why is Saddam 
Hussein attempting to develop nuclear weapons when most nations don't 
even try?'"

"In a speech on Oct. 9, 2002, Kerry also tried to justify his pro-war 
vote with the statement that 'according to intelligence, Iraq has 
chemical and biological weapons.'"

"Kerry boasted to CNN viewers that he voted for the 1996 'welfare 
reform' law — which amounts to class war against low-income mothers."

Paradoxical, huh?

Soloman calls Kerry "a pragmatic choice for the November election," but 
quickly reminds us that Kerry's political career "has been sustained by 
largess from such corporate patrons as Time Warner and Fleet Boston 
Financial Corp." Stormin' Norman urges his readers to not buy into 
"media spin that depicts John Kerry as an advocate of military restraint 
or a champion of economic justice."

And this qualifies as "a very significant improvement" over Bush?

full: http://www.pressaction.com/pablog/archives/001277.html#001277


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