[Marxism] WSJ: "For Aging Castro, Chavez Emerges as a Vital Crutch"

Walter Lippmann walterlx at earthlink.net
Mon Feb 2 10:43:30 MST 2004

This is an exceptionally important article from today's
Wall Street Journal. And while the false political framing
does begin in the headline and in the headline and in the
very first paragraph, they article also confirms just how
advanced the Bolivarian Revolution is. If the process in
Venezuela were failing, and if, indeed, Chavez as on
the skids, hit pieces like this wouldn’t be necessary.

They would be exultant, not desperate as this shows.
I have highlighted a small number key points in the 
body of the article. Notice how many of the “sources”
for this are vague, unidentified, and “independent” 
(of what), as well as unidentified State Dept., etc. 

These people really love to believe their own propaganda.
When they talk about rumors of Fidel’s “failing health” and
then mention that the man gave a 5 ½ hour speech without
a break, a glass of water, or even clearing his throat, we
can see that this is what they WANT, but not what really IS.

The purpose of this article is transparent: to try to stir up 
resentment in Venezuela over the cooperation agreements
between Venezuela and Cuba, and in the United States to add
a brick in the propaganda offensive which claims Cuba is
not succeeding economically. The implication, though not
stated, of course, is that only through "regime change",
can Cuba become economically successful, at least as
success is defined in Washington. 

That's why it comes as no surprise here that Otto Reich
is quoted in this story. Remember that Otto Reich is the
man who couldn’t be put before the US Senate for the
approval of his appointment as Assistant Secretary of 
State for Latin America. Reich had been US ambassador
to Venezuela at the time Orlando Bosch got out of jail.

Just as a reminder, for those who do not know, take a look
at the file on Otto Reich at National Security Archives:

The price Cuba pays to Venezuela is the same as all of the
other Caribbean and Central American countries pay, which
IS a bit below the so-called “spot market” price for petroleum,
a political gesture Venezuela makes to its neighbors in the
region. Cuba pays the same price as the other do for the oil.

On June 9, 2003, in response to a similar flurry of articles, 
the Cuban Foreign Ministry (MINREX) issued a detailed 
response to these allegations. These have been sent
separately, but here's a link to that Cuban statement:

Here’s a Granma article on a similar theme six months before:

Finally, here’s a speech Fidel Castro made to Venezuela by
radio over forty-five years ago. Still very timely. Amazing! 

Walter Lippmann, Moderator
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