[Marxism] Why Cubans haven't overthrown Castro

Walter Lippmann walterlx at earthlink.net
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Though I'm a big fan of coming to Cuba to 
see it for myself, it's ultimately the way
to go - literally, it's wise to read very
widely, and not only those things which 
are sympathetic to and supportive of the
Cuban Revolution. On CubaNews list I give
a range of things, pro and con, though my
personal opinion is clear. Reading and
visiting are both gerood. You asked for a
good book, and I gave you one. 

Your question wasn't at all silly. The
UN book was, of course, offered in reply
to your request for an "objective" source.

It's good to see with your own eyes, but
as Jack Kornfeld has pointed out, wherever
you go, there you are: we bring our ideas,
prejudices and pre-conceptions with us in
our travels. I am very supportive of the
process known as the Cuban Revolution, so
to be clear on what's happening here, it
is helpful to read widely, and so on.

I read so many news articles and opinion
pieces by people who know little or nothing
about Cuba. All they have is prejudices, so
at the same, I have to be careful not to let
my heart and my sympathies do my thinking for
me. I hope that my reports and analyses on
Cuba are credible because I see not only the
good, but the non-good as well. That's one
of the reasons the CubaNews list is based on
the idea of sharing a wide range of info.


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My question was a bit silly I guess - your point usually is, go there,
experience it. But thanks anyhow. It is just that the books I've seen the
past don't really tell me what it's about, and I try to infer things and so


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