[Marxism] Wallerstein and Mumbai-Resistance

Zivko Vukolaj zivko_vukolaj at hotmail.com
Mon Feb 2 21:06:42 MST 2004

The conclusion of Mr. Wallerstein's article is particularly striking. How he
actually managed to calaculate and propose the assumption that the WSF came
out on top at the end of the of Mumbai summit is beyond me.

MR 2004, organized by some of India's most feared political groups, has
effectively surpassed nearly all of its set out tasks, and significantly
further intensified the internal discontent and dissatisfaction within the
WSF itself. There is a substantial ammount of articles from India that can
clearly confirm this. The fact that some neo-leftist groups like the 'Z
Magazine' almost totally ignored the MR event is due simply to their own

Zivko Vukolaj


Beside the New Zealand delegate that comrade Ferguson mentioned, anyone here
know of any other Trotskyites or pro-Trotskyites to have attended the
so-called "counter meeting"?

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