[Marxism] ALP shifts 'left' (for 82nd time in history)

Philip Ferguson plf13 at student.canterbury.ac.nz
Tue Feb 3 00:40:34 MST 2004

Bob Gould wrote:
>The decisions of the ALP Federal Conference were uneven, and even a bit
contradictory. But taken as a whole, they embodied a significant shift
leftwards from the policies advanced in the last Federal Election.
the industrial policy adopted, pushed by the trade unions, acquiesced in
the leadership, and passed unanimously, is probably the most leftist
industrial policy for more than 10 years.

Let's assume, merely for the sake of argument, that this is true.  

Can we then guess what happens next?

Along comes next election, Labour puts forward something very different
in order to get elected and when it does eventually get into power
again, once more carries out right-wing economics, attacks working class
and unions etc etc.  Tries to defeat and demoralise the working class.  

Gets thrown out, shifts further right or maybe even moves mildly left
and for 83rd time adopts "probably the most leftist industrial policy
for more than ten years".  

And round and round the carousel goes.

With dear old Bob still aboard.

What's that saying about "there's no fool like an old fool"?

Wise up, man!

You tell us that the "ultraleft" and "sectarian" DSP has only built a
group of 300 in 30-odd years, with its hostility to Labour.  You with
your pro-Labour politics have yet to build anything at all in 50 years.

I think the historical evidence might just be that the DSP got it right
on this one.


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