[Marxism] Re: Wallerstein and Mumbai-Resistance

Chris Brady cdbrady at sbcglobal.net
Tue Feb 3 00:46:17 MST 2004

Sorry about the staircasing in my last one.  I thought I had cleared it
with my macro, but, um, sorry.

This bit from Callinicos about some reds at the WSF adds dimension:

"...Indian Marxist economist Prathap Patnaik... lucidly argued that
capitalism can't be reformed, [he appeared with] the great critic of
imperialism Samir Amin, and two socialist activists, Dita Sari from
Indonesia and Trevor Ngwane of South Africa."

Callinicos said te MR-2004 was a "flop".  That's because he's picked a
favourite, but he's also limiting the movement, along with his options.
I am glad there was such a great infusion of Red into the WSF, and into
its proximity, as well, i.e., the MR-2004.  "By any means" means by all

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