[Marxism] Query? Suspension of Indian Act and Governance Act?

David Quarter davidquarter at sympatico.ca
Tue Feb 3 12:35:16 MST 2004

 I got home too late, yesterday, to watch the news. I did catch the 
Canadian equivalent of CNN's headline news, which mentioned 
something about 'Indian affairs'. I don't remember what, but I didn't 
get that impression that it was anything other than the usual 
colonialist rhetoric. ANd I don't see anything mentioned about the 
Indian Act in the Toronto Star (the most liberal of the Canadian 
papers), so I assume it will be business as usual. 

APTN news (Aboriginal People's Television Network) should have a 
report about  this throne speech tonight. I'll check it out, and let 
you know what I hear.


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> Dear Friends,
> I just got a call from the Rez at Brocket, Alberta and was told that
> last night there was a "Speech From the Crown" announcing the suspension
> of the Indian Act in Canada and also suspension of plans for the new
> Governance Act. The person who told me is most fluent in Blackfoot
> language and did not catch and understand all of it in English and some
> of what the eprson said is not translatable into English conceptwise.
> Any Canadians on the list who heard this speech last night? Would
> appreciate any details or references.
> Jim C.
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