[Marxism] Wallerstein and Paolo Giussani & globalization articles

E. Ahmet Tonak eatonak at simons-rock.edu
Tue Feb 3 13:59:26 MST 2004

Thanks for the background info, Jurrian.  I located a paper by Paolo 
through the following link (Empirical Evidence for Trends towards 
Globalization: The Discovery of Hot Air), I assume this what you meant:


I recommend the link since it makes other important articles available 
as well.


Jurriaan Bendien wrote:

> Dear Ahmet,
> I don't think his article is available on-line. It was published in a review
> or journal of political economy, a special issue on globalisation which from
> memory also included an article by Robert Went (the one that Paul Mattick Jr
> also writes for at times). I was reading it at the University of Amsterdam
> library in the Roeterstraat one day after I had visited Geert Reuten, but
> the exact publication details are a bit blurry in my mind. From memory the
> journal had a brown cover. I regard Paolo Giussani as one of the bright
> sparks of Italian Marxian scholarship, a level of scholarship which Marx
> would have found acceptable. His mathematical expression is vastly better
> than mine, but I couldn't yet get over that handicap. I haven't read all he
> wrote or anything though. We met in 1984, when Alan Freeman organised a
> conference in London with the idea of forming an international Marxian
> social accounting group. I had met Alan in the Black Forest near Freiburg,
> he had just been doing a programming job in Luxemburg I think, and I decided
> to go along, since, in New Zealand, Geoff Pearce and I had developed the
> same interest in empirically understanding of the Marxian law of value.
> There were all these sociologists milling about at that time pronouncing on
> the rate of profit rising and falling, or that the tendency of the rate of
> profit to decline was a myth, and so on, we were all in the iron cage of the
> future etc., and then our response was well let us see empirically how the
> Marxian variables move in the NZ case. It inspired Geoff's Phd thesis on
> which I collaborated (although I disagreed at the time with his dynamic
> reproduction model, which tried to explicate how profits returned in
> proportion to the VCC). Lateron I tried to repeat the exercise for recent
> national accounts data for my own Phd, but I didn't finish it, partly for
> personal-financial reasons and partly because I began to realise much more
> the importance of the sphere of circulation. I tried to tackle too many
> topics in one go. I've actually lost track of Paolo, we corresponded once or
> twice and he sent me another paper of his which replied to Dumenil, I think
> maybe Paolo is Professor in Milan or something like that now. He was one of
> the inventors of the temporal single system solution to the transformation
> problem, which approximates Marx's intention much more closely than previous
> thinking, although in some respects I differ from that interpretation also.
> Regards
> Jurriaan
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