[Marxism] WMD - new tactics

Tom O'Lincoln suarsos at alphalink.com.au
Tue Feb 3 14:52:20 MST 2004

A few thoughts on the current hubbub about no WMD in Iraq.

Basically this is good of course, because it undermines the credibility of
the imperialists. But before we celebrate too much... judging by Australian
media, it seems to me the bastards have come up with some clever manoevres.
The first is to say "we were all wrong". And if so, well there's no reason
to blame anyone in particular, is there? Whereas actually millions of
people all over the world knew perfectly well it was a pack of lies.

The second is to scapegoat the spooks. Now that's partly good, you might
think; and I guess it is. But I notice the commentaries are saying we need
"more effective and reliable intelligence", which can easily be good news
for the CIA et al. The deal will be: "You carry the can for Bush and Blair,
but don't worry you'll get rewarded when we give you more funding to get
"more effective intelligence".

I also noticed John Howard played what struck me as a smart card. The
critics who's accused him of being a "lapdog" for Bush are now demanding he
follow Bush's lead and call an enquiry, but Howard says he'll wait and
"make up his own mind". In other words, he senses an opportunity to show
he's really independent after all.

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