[Marxism] Re: Phillip Ferguson, Peter Boyle and the ALP Federal Conference

Peter Boyle peterb at greenleft.org.au
Tue Feb 3 21:20:53 MST 2004

Gould's Book Arcade wrote:

>  Peter Boyle, in his usual apolitical, philistine way has
> me "hanging around
> the entrance, handing out flyers for his [my] bookshop!"
> What a philistine.
> What I was handing out was a well presented list of labor
> movement history,
> marxist and socialist books including, as circumstance
> would have it, a
> number of the useful books on marxist theory produced by
> Resistance and the
> DSP.

Bob Gould misses the point. I have nothing against him
promoting left-wing literature the point I was making was
that if there really was a "lurch to the left" in what he
considers to be a workers party surely he would have spent
more time in the conference helping lead this "lurch to the

The ALP conference has adopted some modest proposals in
health, education, industrial relations and tariff policy.
These don't amount to a lurch to the left in what remains
the alternate party of government of Australian imperialism,
and if the ALP wins the next federal election, it remains to
be seen how much, if any, of these policies are implemented.
If the practice of the current ALP governments in all states
and the record of the ALP when it was last in federal
government are anything to go by, a Latham ALP government
will be as left-wing as Tony Blairs New Labour.

I left out a link to the February 2 editorial in Melbourne's
Age on the ALP conference:

Latham makes a solid start

Reads to me more like more friendly advice by the
bourgeoisie to one of their prospective governments than an
at a leftward-lurching ALP.  Of course, there is a note in
some of these editorials and commentaries in the bourgeois
press of disappointment that Latham is not bashing out his
Blairite "Third Way" message in as naked a way he did it
before he became LOTO . But the smarter ones realise that
he, like all previous ALP leaders, also has a job of duping
a section of the working class into voting for Brand B of
neoliberal capitalist government.

Peter Boyle

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