[Marxism] Re: Marxism Digest, Vol 4, The means or the end

Elliottmssln at aol.com Elliottmssln at aol.com
Wed Feb 4 00:21:12 MST 2004

I found a little Robin,
     A cat had nearly slain.
I thought I'd be some great rescuer
     And save MY bird
Some pain...

But my Grandma always 
     Taught in truisms...
 Dear, does the means justify the end
     And I knew I'd have to give her up,
If I truly were her friend.

So when Bush want's to "save"
     His little Muslim pets
I wonder if were playing God
    Instead of a good Samaritan vet.

So when our children ask us why
     their programs are being cut
Are we teaching proper principles
     "Saving" the "Bin-Ladin Mutts?"

I hear again my Grandma's words
     "Let nature be his friend"
And wonder if our self-importance
     ALWAYS justifies the ends?


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