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Funke Jayson J funke.jj at mellon.com
Wed Feb 4 06:55:47 MST 2004

Several months ago I circulated a note to some people regarding a friend of mine, John Locke, who was working on completing his master's project that involved making a documentary that examines the bias of perceptions (exacerbated by the media, academics, governments etc.) between Cuba and the US. John's documentary, Strait-Talk is now complete and he is beginning to show it in public. I met John as a fellow traveller in Cuba last May/April, and was fortunate enough to share many wonderful Cuban experiences with him.

John is not selling copies of his documentary, but he is willing to show it publically. Having seen it I think that it can be a useful classroom tool for introducing students to international relations issues, media bias & perception control, and, of course, all issues relating to Cuban/US relations.

You can learn more about Strait-talk on John's informative and well-done web site: http://www.strait-talk.org/, and you can also contact him about possibly showing it in your area.

Please visit his site.

Jayson Funke 
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