[Marxism] Wallerstein and Paolo Giussani, marxism digest vol. 4, issue 13

gino b_b at tiscali.it
Wed Feb 4 07:33:04 MST 2004

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Dear Jurrian,

i'm gino, i'm writing from Italy. This is my firt message in this
m-list.  I know neither if the procedure i'm using is correct. I have
read your intervention. I think the review which you refer is the
"International Journal of Political Economy", published by the
M.E.Sharpe.(http://www.mesharpe.com/mall/results1.asp?ACR=IJP). I don't
know what is the issue which contains the Paolo's article, but I think
it is "Empirical Evidence for Trends towards Globalization. The
discovery of hot air". I've attached it to my e-mail. I hope it will
help someone to understand what is really the globalization.

best wishes,

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