[Marxism] Arleen Rodriguez: In memory of Jon Hillson

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Wed Feb 4 08:06:08 MST 2004

> February 3, 2004
> In memory of Jon Hillson
> By Rosa Miriam Elizalde
> Arleen Rodríguez woke me with news that was hard to
> believe: Jon Hillson was dead and a moment later her
> poignant e-mail arrived. I will let her words fill this
> column because it expresses a shared pain and the gratitude
> we owe our friend.

I really never knew Hillson when I was in the Trotskyist movement with 
him. As I remember, he was an SDS leader from the University of 
Colorado, one of many who would join the SWP when the New Left began to 
implode. He always had the swagger and self-confidence of a student 
leader. The last contact I had with him was in the late 1980s when he 
used to show up at meetings of the NY Nicaragua Solidarity Network on 
behalf of the SWP. He never took any assignments to do any mundane work 
like phone-banking or leafleting, but saw his purpose as "making the 
record" for proletarian revolutionary politics.

Like so many others, Hillson eventually left the SWP and began 
reconnecting with the real movement, in his case Cuba Solidarity. I 
would urge comrades to read his review of Julian Schnabel's film "Before 
Night Falls", which was based on Reinaldo Arenas's bitterly 
anti-Communist and mendacious memoir. It is a classic.



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