[Marxism] Hutton

Richard Harris rhh1 at nildram.co.uk
Wed Feb 4 09:03:18 MST 2004


The old Orange judge

Paul Foot
Wednesday February 4, 2004
The Guardian

In August 1973, the Derry coroner, retired Major Hubert O'Neill, completed
the inquest into the 13 unarmed people killed by the British army on Bloody
Sunday. The jury returned an open verdict. Off the cuff, Major O'Neill
described the killings as "sheer unadulterated murder".
That was too much for the young barrister representing the Ministry of
Defence. He lectured the coroner as follows: "It is not for you or the jury
to express such wide-ranging views, particularly when a most eminent judge
(Lord Chief Justice Widgery) has spent 20 days hearing evidence and come to
a different conclusion." The barrister's name was Brian Hutton. ...


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